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Soul Sunday’s: Pizza Brain- Fishtown Philadelphia

What better time to bring you a pizza feature than Superbowl Sunday . I’m quite sure millions will consume a considerable portion of the national American average of 23lbs per person a year of pizza today. Unfortunately; I my glutinous self, probably averages closer to a modest 26lbs per person.  Realistically I’m more or less batting closer to 38lbs per quarter.

Photo courtesy of @mypizzabrain

Now;  while I can most definitely be described as a “pizza connoisseur”, I’m willing to bet my fellow commrades will agree there are several different classes of  pizza:

1) “Gourmet”

Image courtesy of @barluccarestaurant


Gourmet is the small ass pie that cost $14- infinite amounts for a “large” pizza that scarcely feeds 2, (while I may be exaggerating a family of 4 will feel severely disrespected). But the gourmet; is true inside and out, from the wood fired crust, to the housemade ricotta , to the San Marzano sauce and strategically placed fresh basil throughout. Whilst, enjoyable the gourmet is the equivalent of the ever popular burger joint. Tasty but lacks authenticity.

2) Cheap

Image courtesy of Old Eagle Pizza Haverford, PA

When you hear the term cheap the mind instantaneously thinks inexpensive. That being said, THIS “cheap” however has nothing at all do with price. Cheap in the regards of greasy cheddar, mozzarella, and whatever else mix of various cheeses they decide to run with. Normally has a more robust, sweet tomato sauce. And thick butter crisp like crust.

3) South Philly Italian

Pizza courtesy of Santucci’s

“South Philly” is YOUR pizza. Whether it a “New York slice” or “Chicago deep dish” everyone has their hometown “slice” where all creeds and creedos’ agree, “THIS is the hometown slice! One in my local Philadelphia may say Lorenzo’s, others Tacconelli’s, and then there’s Sanatucci’s….. (Quite sure I missed a few or YOU may differ but this is MY story).  However; by all means share your favorites in the comment section below and I will be sure to try them! The “South Philly” has a thicker crust, loads of mozzarella, and perfect amount of sauce.


And then there’s  Pizza Brian, this anomaly is a little of all of the above. Delicately flavorful “wood fired crust”, generous portion of house made (or at very best) locally sourced cheeses, San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil, and other exotic ingredients the “gour-mets” feature. Pizza Brain is a pizza connesuirs heaven. Although, they bill themselves as a “pizza museum” aside from the cool vintagey pics, and the “Bill and Ted’s Big Adventuresque staff” that about all you’ll get in the museum department.

But trust me you won’t feel slighted. With cool names like the “Felix Huppert” and the “Forbes Waggensense” Pizza Brain has capitalized on the “cool” while churning out a product that is “purge worthy”.

The “Felix Huppert” from Pizza Brain

You won’t be able to put it down! Bite after bite. Oozing cheese after cheese. Lil greasy sauce drops, you’ll relish in the deliciousness. And if you’re a “spicy freak” like myself they grind their own red pepper pods for super spicy pepper flakes that marvel the competition.

Image courtesy of @mypizzabrain


Check them out on Instagram @mypizzabrain or visit them in Fishtown at 2313 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA call ahead at (215) 291-2965. Sidebar they deliver! Thank me later……I know, I know…..you love me.




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