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Counterfeit Red Bottoms

fake_louboutinsHalt! Ma’am, those are not Christian Louboutin shoes! Do you know what it means to own a pair of coveted Red  Bottoms…?

It means going on a wild goose chase (if seeking a pair of one of his many styles where there is a pending waiting list) that only a true fashionista or label prisoner will understand.

Henceforth Ladies: my question, or better yet thesis, on the concept and idea of “knockoffs or counterfeit” items. Why oh why do women and men carry on a such a charade? Why put on an Emmy winning performance and not get the statue? When there are sooo many hip, moderately priced brands which offer their own fresh original designs?

Brands such as  Zara, Tony Bianco (the originator of the Zigi Pairry boot) carries beautifully well crafted Italian Rihanna_Gold_louboutinshoes. Tony Bianco also carries his own line of pumps which are reminiscent of the Christian Louboutin So Kate and Pigalle. While reminiscent of the two pumps mentioned, the Bianco pump has a look of its own, this shoe, my friend, although it doesn’t have a red bottom can stand gloriously on its own two feet.

Another brand which offers star coveted pieces on a working women’s budget would be KG by Kurt Geiger. Kurt Geiger also makes higher end shoes, with prices similar to Louboutin prices.

I don’t think people who purchase knockoffs understand the lack of investment attached to their pieces. If you purchase a knockoff it is not a $675 shoe, it is, in fact, a $50 shoe or the cost you paid for the item.

fake-realHave you ever searched Christian Louboutin on Ebay, have you seen the amount of money his goods command on many Internet consignment shops? This is an investment, my label prisoner in training! You can not sell and or market counterfeit goods as authentic! That is plagiarism, a crime punishable in many states and countries. Or just outright deception!

What happened to individuality? I understand we all want the ridiculously overpriced things we kill ourselves for and eventually become imprisoned to, but that’s the thing — the POINT-O (in my dy-NO-mite JJ Evans voice) if “it ain’t real, it ain’t, ain’t that shizz”.

Have dignity and pride in ownership in your things; look at these things and know you worked for it! Earned it! nude_louboutinAlthough I referred to these brands as investments I know you guys aren’t “Literals” and assumed I meant investments such as homes, stocks, 401k, etc. But you can hock your worn shoes on many sites for a pretty penny if need be!

In closing, if you can’t afford it wear what’s in your budget — after all that will be authentic!


Photo credit for main image: Christian Louboutin image: By Arroser (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Alex

    I agree too many red bottoms are fake. And these people are looking crazy selling themselves short for a pair of shoes that kill your feet.

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