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Did you watch the Espy’s?

Last night’s Espy’s was one of the most watched programs of the year. (We just could not resist blogging about this topic!) As you well know everyone would be tuning in to see Bruce (oh pardon me) “Caitlyn”.

Although it’s great for one to be excepted and express themselves, the “Caitlyn Jenner” “coming out” story hasbruce-jenner-1980 surpassed any other transgender story. Prior to “Bruce” morphing into “Caitlyn” there have been other notable transgender in the media (see attached pics) but none have received nearly the amount of press and notoriety as Bruce Jenner.

Which presents the question at hand: is this only a major news spectacle because he is an “honorary Kardashian”? Are we sooo obsessed with the Kardashians that he is being honored with the Arthur Ashe award for courage? Did we all forget who Arthur Ashe was and his accomplishments, which lead to an award bearing his name? I understand what “Bruce” has done. It takes an uber amount of courage to change one’s gender and identity. However, the media scrutiny and frenzy surrounding his celebrity takes away from the issue at hand.


Bruce is a wealthy man and his coming out hinders him in no way. Why not honor someone whose coming out was such a struggle they risked losing everything? Someone who had been living this secret for so long long that it jeopardized their existence. Yes, it affects his family and those around him but he didn’t lose his career.

Laverne Cox, star of Orange is the new Black

Laverne Cox, star of Orange is the new Black

Janet Mock (people.com editor) another transgender who recently came out.

Janet Mock (people.com editor) another transgender who recently came out.








In fact, his coming out has boosted his celebrity immensely. In closing, yes he displayed courage (in his coming out) but, hasn’t he received enough praise for his transition? Are the Espy’s merely “cashing in” on a hot topic right now to boost ratings? Heck, the reason I felt the need to write this is because the commercial has been on continuous replay. Why not honor someone who exemplifies courage without receiving monetary gain?

But, on another note, he kinda does look better than Kris. …xoxo xoxo

Photo credits:
Bruce Jenner photos all OK magazine
Janet Mock, Rolling Out magazine
Time magazine cover Laverne Cox, first seen on Vh1’s “I wanna work for Diddy”

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