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The Do’s And DON’TS Of Self-Tanning

image THE DO’s Vsimage DON’T     

For years now, I have been using tanning lotion to give myself a radiant glow. As expected, there have been many mishaps. But I have learned from my mistakes and now have perfected the art of using tanning lotion! I am here to save you from those dreadful and awkward situations of looking like a tiger.


1). First off, do not use a product that has the word shimmer or sparkles in it because it is an immediate give away that you are using a tanning product. I mean if you want to look like you have a natural tan, being covered head to toe in sparkles is no that way to do it. I personally use Jergens and happen to love the results. image



2). Whatever you’re going through, I promise it will get better, but crying right after you put on your tanning lotion or while you’re putting it on, will just make you feel a lot worse, because you’ll look worse. The tears coming from your eyes will give your face a streaky look…not cute.image


3). Also, do not exercise/sweat for a few hours after you put on your lotion because that just calls for stripes and strides of white and tan.

4). Do not shower right after you put on your cream. If you put it on at night, wait till the morning to shower. If you put it on during the day, wait till the night to shower.


1). Make sure you wash your hands right after you apply your lotion because let’s be real now, no one has tan palms, that is a dead give away that you are a tanning fraud. image

2). After you apply the cosmetic make sure you use a paper towel or Q-Tip to wipe the creases of your fingers and your nail beds because those areas tend to get really orange.

3). When applying, don’t forget to put lotion on your back, ears, feet, and mustache area (common places where people forget).

4). Put the same amount of lotion on your face and neck so it doesn’t look like you were tanning and forgot to take off your turtleneck.

5). An even amount of ointment needs to be applied all over your arms because when you tan even the whitest parts of your arms change colors, so don’t forget about them too.

I hope this little tanning tutorial will help all of my fellow fake tanners to achieve an even, sexy looking dark complexion that we all low key want! (Even the haters.)

Written by @xits_michaelx

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