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Eyebrows: The Good, The Bad, and The UGLY…


What is one of the first things you notice on a woman when you see her? Is it her eyes, her hair, great skin, or banging body? I’ll tell you one of the first things I notice: her eyebrows. EYEBROWS: the one thing that can make or break any woman’s face (guys too).

Women have been obsessed with eyebrows for centuries. From the Egyptians who used lead substances to darken their brows, to ancient Greeks who utilized dark powders and short goat hair to achieve the perfect brow. Although the styles and times have changed, one thing remains certain: good eyebrows are vital.

With all that being said, it pains my heart when I see women that do not take pride in their brows. Whether they are too thin, too bushy, too drawn on, or just too ugly. They clearly do not understand the importance of it all! Having bad eyebrows is like walking around with a target on your forehead. You can become the butt of anyone’s jokes at any given moment. Being an advocate for fabulous eyebrows, I must confess that I did not always have it together. In fact, I have been on the other side of the fence.

When I was younger, I used to watch my mom pluck her eyebrows and was always so fascinated. So one day when I was bored, I snuck into her bedroom grabbed her makeup bag and retrieved her trusty tweezers. The first tweeze hurt like hell, but I continued on. Beauty is pain after all. From there, I proceeded to tweeze and pluck every eyebrow hair that I saw fit. By the time I was done my left eyebrow was halfway gone. Mortified, I did what any normal eleven-year-old girl would have done. I stared into the bathroom mirror in disbelief, waiting for my eyebrow to magically reappear. After what seemed like an eternity, realization finally set in and I screamed. Cursing myself, I then scrambled to see if I could repair the damage before my mother returned home. Lets just say I couldn’t, and yes I got in trouble. My punishment was having to walk around with lopsided eyebrows. Luckily for me, school was out for summer break and I didn’t have to go to school looking crazy. So, when I see another female with bad eyebrows. I almost instantly get flashbacks of my own brow catastrophe and cringe. Trust me, my angst comes from a real place of concern.

To all you ladies that have not quite mastered your eyebrows, don’t worry I am here to help. The important thing to remember is this, your eyebrows say a lot about you. Now I am no expert, but good brows are good brows. Whether natural or with a little help from makeup, your eyebrows should enhance your face, not make it scary. (That sounded kind of mean, sorry).

Tips for Fabulous Eyebrows:

1.Find an eyebrow technician you would trust with your life.

2. Immediately discard of any BLACK pencil/powder you are using to fill in your brows. Why would you want to walk around with Sharpie marker eyebrows?!

3. Less is more! Doing too much almost always comes across that way. (Trust me we can tell).

4. Find a style that compliments you. Remember just because a certain style worked for your friend DOES NOT mean it will work for you.

Monique Elise
Instagram: @Mobunni
Facebook: Monique Elise

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