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Spot86 Predicts

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Introducing The Spot 86 Collection: A Must Have For Every “It” Girl

Growing up I remember the “fly girls”. The “fly girls” were the chicks with that ish’, that exclusive SHIT’, the ish’ you were saying to yourself, “where’d she get that!  But you dared not ask! Even if you were friends , the likelihood of getting a true answer was zero to none!


So my question is WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FLY GIRLS?!!!! 

They have since been replaced with the “I wanna look just like HER girl”. The “did you see my fav ig “star”; I need her EXACT same outfit girl”. The “let me compare a million boutique’s to find the best price on the SAME EXACT outfit girl”. And now; this has lead us to the never ending timeline of repetitive, outfits. SAME hair, SAME shoes, SAME makeup, SAME clothes. One word; BORING!!!!!!!

In hopes of revamping the “fly girls” ; (WHICH WOULD MOST LIKELY TODAY BE REFERRED TO AS A FASHIONISTA) Spot86 has decided to produce our own exclusive in-house collection. We’re EXHAUSTED of seeing the same looks over and over again! Not disputing that some of these looks are dope; just overly saturated. And lack individuality. And REAL style.


Our new Spot86 collection will feature classy, timeless looks in an array of high quality fabrics. Radiant sparkle and outre prints will be key elements in this collection. In keeping the “bring back the fly girl mantra”; the pieces will be available in limited quantities only. Only one size (1 SMALL, 1 MEDIUM, 1 LARGE) will be made available in each style. Sooo the likelihood of a “bitch stole my look” moment is almost non-existent.

These pieces are professionally made and executed to perfection. Think custom looks, with ready-to-wear convenience and price points.

While I may be a fan of custom pieces (having something made); I’m not a fan of fittings, issues, or not receiving my items on time. And; unfortunately my norm —wait last minute to have something made; and it’s too late!

Check out the first looks in our “Luxury Lounging” collection! The “Gurittā” and “Kagayaku” are not the norm kimono you see plastered all up & down your timeline. Sorry Zara / Forever 21 … your new kimonos are fire but lack the richness and fluidity of our exclusive design. Plus I think I’ve seen it in EVERYONE! #BORED!

The “Gurittā” -a luxirious kimono contrived of an elaborate, rose gold glitter tic-toc pattern and a silk brocade lapel

The “Kagayaku“- opulance at its best! Mixed media rose gold hues of pure fabulousness

Spot86’s kimonos and playsuits have the richness and fabulousness of many of your fav high end designer’s. This unique design was crafted to flow as you walk.

Don’t miss out on these exclusive pieces before they’re knocked off! Even then I highly doubt our superior the craftsmanship will matched. You can check out all these look in our Luxury Lounging Section of the website

Be sure to check back as we unveil new looks in this collection in the coming weeks.

Happy Shopping #Spot86Chix


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