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Omgizzle, say it isn’t true! Kourtney and the “Lord” Disick have parted ways?!

Omgizzle, say it isn’t true! Kourtney and the “Lord” Disick have parted ways?!

First yes, a Kardashian story! Love them or hate them they are everywhere and you have to admire and respect their “hustle”. NOW…moving along, SAY IT ISN’T SO! Okay, although we know this has been a long time coming underneath it all we secretly wanted these two to “make it”. At least I did! I love the idea of family and couples staying together for the sake of the FAMILY not just for the children. Although, circumstances are different for the Kardashians because they are wealthy, the issue remains the same.

We all (as well as Kourtney) should be asking ourselves: why oh why did she have sooo many children with him££-MAIN-Kourtney-Kardashian-and-family-on-holiday after realizing he was “flawed” (sorry I like the “Lord”; I find him quite entertaining). Even if you don’t watch the Kardashians, the “Lord’s” recent and ongoing antics are hard to go unnoticed. But my dear Kourtney isn’t your youngest child seven months old? Did you NOT realize Scott was irresponsible, immature, and suffering with drug/alcohol addiction prior to you having your second, and now a third child? Is he just a “sperm donor” or did you REALLY believe he was willing to change?

51cf4a50338607a226a6cb811aad4575Which brings me to the question at hand…why do we women believe the man is going to change, when his ACTIONS show us CLEARLY, he is not ready to “grow up”. It is a fact that women mature faster than men, (and my Nana says they never grow up, my Pop-Pop passed away at 73 and my Nana said he too was still immature) with that being said why don’t we WAIT until he SHOWS us that he is ready? You can’t FORCE people to be whom you want them to be. Although, Scott may appear to be immature it doesn’t mean he can’t “straighten up and fly right” as my Nana always says. But why as women do we subject ourselves to the behaviors these men display? Why don’t we wait until he shows us better? I know, I know — the heart wants what it wants! But don’t look for sympathy after it doesn’t work out. The signs are there take heed! Listen to your conscience it will never lead you astray!

In closing although, (many of you may think I’m nuts) but I hope they work it out for their sake and the families’ sake. Occurrences like these make women apprehensive about moving on, you can’t judge another man because you had a bad experience/relationship with another. Again, the signs are there and you didn’t take heed. Ownership of one’s faults are liberating and allows us to be open to new life experiences. If you live in the “woe it’s me” world that’s where you will stay, and you will block your blessings of new experiences. PAY ATTENTION, TAKE HEED, LEARN FROM LIFE’S EXPERIENCE SO AS NOT TO REPEAT THEM! Don’t allow set backs to hinder our personal growth. We as women are more strong and intelligent than we realize!

Now let’s see how long it takes these two to get back together! Their “make up sex” must be pro for her to stay sooo long! Good luck Kort and the “Lord” and any of my fellow readers that may be experiencing the same.


Photo credits:
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pic 2 (Scott in hospital bed) www.theexaminer.com
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  1. Alex

    Your blog rocks! Women don’t know their self worth and stand for anything. You should only have children with a man you see a future with.

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