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Scream Queens Episode 6 – “7 Minutes In Hell” – Fashion Recap

It’s that time of the week again everyone!!!!! This week it’s back!!! The wait is over!!! No need to “kill yourself” it’s the return of the “Chanel’s” !!!

Just soo we’re all on the same page….here a recap of the last episode of Scream Queens l….and it was AMAZING! I have been eagerly waiting to talk to you all about all of the AMAZING (and one that I have to say, I didn’t find so amazing” looks of Episode 6 – “7 Minutes in Hell”.

First bit of love for this round goes to my two favorite fashionistas of this episode: Emma Roberts as Chanel and Keke Palmer as Zayday. These two have exact opposite senses of style, and work their different looks to perfection, which was perfect as the fought for president of Kappa Kappa House. Extra points to Chanel for going with a fur vest as opposed to a jacket, it totally works.


I was sad to say that Chanel #5, who was my best dressed last week, really just wasn’t doing it for me this time. I don’t know if it’s the hair, the fit of the jacket (although I do love the purple), or the choice of accessories, but something really didn’t feel as flawless as every other outfit I’ve seen thus far. It’s okay girl, I still love you.

image image
If there’s one thing that the Chanel’s have mastered more than any other clique (that’s right people, I’m including The Plastics AND The Heathers), it’s the art of outfit coordination. I knew these ladies could rock matching dresses or skirt ensembles, but when the ladies broke out matching pink silk pajamas, the deal was sealed for me. Bow down to the Queen’s, bitches.

  •      image

Of course, there can be no one fiercer than the Red Devil himself (or, maybe it’s herself?…..)
What did you think of last nights episode? Were you living for all the looks as much as I was? Let me know in the comments what you thought!!
Until next time!
Much love,

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