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Scream Queens Espisode 3 Fashion Recap

Scream Queens, Ryan Murphy’s new TV drama about girls in a sorority being terrorized by some sort of Red Devil, is taking the world by storm! I don’t know about you guys, but I have been LIVING for all the drama, hilarious moments, killer actors and actresses, and most importantly: THE FASHION. Let’s take a look at some of the outfits from Tuesday’s episode that were so fierce, I “screamed”! Haha…… it’s okay, I don’t think I’m funny either.


I think it’s safe to say that the Chanels are fashion GODDESSES. Every single outfit they wear makes me sob with both adoration and jealousy. I swear, I either own, want to own, or have a moment where I think “I could never wear that in real life, but if I did….I’D ROCK IT.” every time one of them comes out in something new. Bow down to the Scream Queens, bitches.


DING DING DING! The winner of the “Dirty Bastard We All Love To Hate, but Rock’s a Polo Like No One Else Can!” goes to our favorite basic Frat Boy: Chad Radwell. As much as his heinous personality practically acts like a paper bag over his dreamy face and six-pack abs, we all can’t help but have a guilty pleasure obsession over this rich-kid hottie. And oddly enough, the sweater is doing something for me that I’d never expect it to.


Also, one can never forget about the two borderline heroine’s of the show: Grace and Zayday. The two of them definitely aren’t as popular for their fashion as the Chanel clique,but they shouldn’t go unappreciated. I live for Grace’s classic Paperboy Hat, and Zayday has a sick edgy style. Plus, no one can rock a statement necklace like she can, am I right?



My #1 favorite of this episode, and most likely every episode, is Hester, or more commonly known now as Chanel #6. I’ve only been blogging for the Spot86 Fam for a short amount of time, but you’ll learn about my obsession for Lea Michele VERY quickly. She is my queen, and the fact that she’s rocking my favorite color, go-to hairstyle and has the figure I work toward everyday? I’m in love.

Love this post? Well be sure to check back every day for more blogs from me! There’s much more Scream Queens where this came from. Be sure to comment what you thought of this episode, the outfit, or anything else you wanna let me know!


Much love!!

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