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Soulfood Sunday’s Travel Edition: Hakassan Miami

Good day #Spot86Chix ! This better late than never,  live from Miami -“Soulfood Sunday” edition features the well renowned Hakassan Miami!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Hakassan brand let us formally introduce you! And for all those Hakassan fans out there, sit back, salivate, and reminisce on your last tasty visit.

Crowned with the coveted Michelin star, and it’s international outposts in such exotic locations as Miami, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai and New York, Hakassan promises one of the most vibrant and memorable experiences. And trust and believe me truer words have never been spoken.

This swanky Chinese “joint” has managed to master the authenticity of traditional Chinese cuisine, with a touch of modern flair. (I know what you’re thinking “boujee” overpriced food with all the presentation that lacks taste…..) NO, you couldn’t be more mistaken! This is Hakassan! After one taste you’re hooked!

As I’m currently in ”Sobe”, the first place I wanted to hit up was Hakassan. In planning my mini-vacay (although I consider Miami more a second home than a vacation), I couldn’t wait to get to Hakassan! For those that are unaware, every Hakassan location has their very own signature dishes which are only available at that location. I unfortunately learned this the hard way. My first culinary experience was at their NYC location. While visiting Miami in February; I stayed at the Fountainebleau home of Hakassan Miami. Naturally, it was a no brainer- dinner- HAKASSAN!

I ordered my fav lychee martini and asked the bartender to recommend an option for dinner. I’ve been to the Hakkassan NYC several times and normally relied on my fav’s : for starters “Fried soft shell crab with curry leaf and chilli” – “Pan-seared vegetable Shanghai dumpling” – “Nigerian prawn with asparagus” (for starters) -followed by the  “Supreme lobster clay pot“ (only available at the 43rd St location)- Hakka spicy seafood fried rice“ and bottle of “Krug Grande Cuvée Brut” to wash it down. YES, I’m fully aware that’s an assload of food; however, my “better half” and I subscribe to the “amuse-bouche” theory- a lil this a lil that- doesn’t mean you have to devour it all. IJS ‍♀️

The bartender suggested I have the “Steamed Lobster with homemade Chili sauce”.  Normally, I opt for the less healthier options (sorry I just can’t be on whatever diet kick when dining out. Life’s too short to miss out on such fabulous food) Nope!!! Not having it..sorry to fellow vegans, pescatarians, gluten-free’ers, and whatever else health kick I’ve adapted over the years. (Although, the pescatarian lifestyle has stuck for 18yrs no cheating. Hey fellow pescatarian’s I wouldn’t trade you for the world). So per the bartender’s recommendation I hesitantly ordered the lobster. Bite after succulent bite. Lite, delicious, sweet, lobster, chilies, garlic- deliciousness. They had me. And I haven’t been right since!

With the memory of chili Lobster looming in my brain, my next trip to NYC (when asked by my “love thang”) “pick your poison, where are we having dinner tonight “? Of course I say. “HAKASSAN!!!!!”  Fast forward to 43rd St, Waiter: “ and what will you have for dinner Mam”? Me: Steamed lobster
with homemade chili sauce Sir….Waiter: “ I’m sorry Mam but we don’t offer that at this location” Me: “ummm I had it in Miami” …..Me:”you have chilies, you have lobster I’m confused as to why the chef can’t accommodate me” (*Disclaimer: I’m a spoiled brat from birth and also I’m a Pisces’s- we don’t quit when we want something and NO just isn’t an option.) As I relentlessly badger the waiter and my poor beau attempts to explain to him, “bro you don’t understand once she’s got it in her head, there’s no stopping her”. He didn’t concede with all my manipulative tactics I’ve learned from adolescence, he didn’t give in! The nerve!

After doing my best to calm down, and two old fashioned’s later…..I had an “ah ha moment” ….that’s what makes Hakassan so unique. The reason us “Hakassaners’ flock to each and every location amongst our travels. We look forward to the “fix”, the fix we can only get  at this “PLACE” at that “TIME”….the SOLE reason why on my way to Miami I ate nothing! Coffee and Rose that’s it!….patiently awaiting 6pm so I could rekindle my love affair with my old friend “Steamed lobster with homemade chili sauce”! And boy she did not disappoint! The sole reason this “Hakassaner’ “ will be sure to dine at their Mayfair location when I travel to London in 2 weeks!   #Spot86takesLondon


Until we we meet again #Spot86Chix













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