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“Soul Sunday ” : Burger Bar- Las Vegas

In honor of #allthingssummer , Spot86’s cool new “Burger & Fries” swimsuits,


Our upcoming Vegas trip —

we bring you an ode to the haute classic  “BURGER & FRIES”! The Las Vegas Edition.


Who doesn’t love a good burger? Juicy, cheesy, handheld deliciousness! And let’s not forget about those fried- pillowly – potato morsels of goodness–FRIES!


One of Spot86’s all-time favorite burger joints is “Burger Bar Las Vegas“.  I stumbled upon this gastro heaven back in 2006 ( and, I have eaten at Burger Bar EVERY Vegas trip since).

I’d arrived in Vegas late, hungry, and tired. I wanted a “non-diet”, no consequences FAT meal! A “DRANK”. You know, like a one hitter quitter! Maybe……. a “Top Shelf Long Island  (snub the gin for a flavored white) Iced Tea” kinda meal.

Soo, I asked around and someone in my hotel recommended “Burger Bar”.


At the time;  I was 7 years into my now 18yr  Pescatarian lifestyle. Even though I’d shunned of meat, I was still quite fond of a good veggie burger, portobello burger, shrimp burger, or whatever anti-meat burger I could get my hands on.

Upon arrival…… first order of business – “Hey , Mr. Nice Bartender Sir— A.S.A.P that Long Island”….Now….with the most important course of business crossed off my list ….#straving…..I survey the menu…. to my pleasant surprise, right there in the protein section – Salmon Burger. Score!

Onward to the fries. The menu has a “pick your poison” approach to fries. What style they ask? Thin- sweet potato- zucchini,  etc,, or STEAK FRIES!! Any true potato lover appreciates the ALMIGHTY STEAK FRY!

Riding the wave of my already caloric overloaded masterpiece ,. … “Burger Bar” offers a DIY burger “add-on list” that would make Pink Berry connoisseur blush!

The salmon was delectable! Pink, flaky, fresh. The fries were to die for. I’d customized my fries with jalapeños, carmelized onions, and shredded cheddar. What can I say, when presented with options, I enforce the “full advantage mode”.

For all you carnivorous readers….I know,  I know, a SALMON burger is NOT a BURGER…. Although; I didn’t sample any of the several meat options on Burger Bar’s extensive menu ; I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Burger Bar with several certified burger enthusiasts…..and the verdict is in….Burger Bar got’ “burger work”!


If you find yourself hungry, not on a diet (they do offer healthy items. I; on the other hand wasn’t aiming for that! After all it’s called Burger Bar) -want an economically responsible meal (burgers start at around 12 bucks ), and are looking for a late night- laid back eats. Checkout “Burger Bar Las Vegas”. Thank us later….


If you’ve ever been to Burger Bar insert your experience in the comments. We’d love to hear!

Xoxo #Spot86Chix & Gents!

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