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Soulfood Sunday: ” A Pescatarian’s Review of Uncle Jack’s Midtown

As any blogger very well knows blogging is a FULL TIME GIG….Well, it is for those whom care about the product they put out…and very time consuming for those whom live life.


Enough of my ranting and raving…..Let’s get to the food! The SOUL-FOOD. Or better yet, the soul-of-food. Sometimes I think people misconstrue the term “soulfood”; EVERY nationally, race, color, creed has their SOULFOOD. Italian’s pasta or sauce/gravy, Jamaicans rice and PEAS (NEVER rice and beans)/jerk,

Spanish have rice and BEANS, paella, mofungo, etc (Spaniards come from various contries and have various types of cuisine).

Asian food is another one….it could be fried rice, sushi, pad thai etc. Most will tell you that statement alone covers a VAST number of people. No disrespect just making a point…..


Noted…moving along…in my humble opinion I believe steakhouses are American cuisine…American cuisine?….. ponder…..another blog another time. ….


This is my Uncle Jack’s Sunday…

The same Uncle Jack’s I repeatedly vetoed,  but have visited several times since the drafting of this now almost 2 month old unpublished post (don’t judge me).  My boyfriend  “suit”; (all suits” love steakhouses it makes them feel important IJS) suggested this place before and I replied “not in the mood, there has to be something more exciting”.


However; as luck would have it we ended up at the “Uncle” . And boy was I impressed! Sidebar; only a seasoned Pescatarian would know steakhouses are a clutch. Steakhouses cater to suits, suits like hot chicks on their arm (it makes them look rich important) and here lies the corolation…steakhouses profess the freshest ingredients…farm to table before the term….so think about the fish. Just as fresh.  Creme de la creme….


I ordered the salmon. Ooh, that salmon; flaky- moist- delicious!

Served on a bed of wilted greens and a delightful white sauce, I had to return shortly thereafter for more. One dance with the salmon was not enough.

Being a serious spud lover I couldn’t resist the steak fries. And boy let me tell you they did not disappoint!

Also for all you mac lovers, the 5-cheese mac Soc sinfully spectacular!

Uncle Jack’s has a pretty dope selection for you chicken of the sea lovers :

If you find yourself in Mid-Town and lurking for something delicious check out Uncle Jack’s! They have another location, however this is the only one I’ve tried.

Also; there’s a really cool bartender that looks like Newman from Sienfield. Sorry, I’ve forgotten his name but he’s funny as hell and makes a kick ass Old Fashioned!

Happy Eating #Spot86Chix XOXOXO

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