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Trendspotting: The Scarf And Different Ways To Rock It!

Now that the weather is starting to get colder, one thing that can really take your look to the next level, or tie your outfit together (no pun intended) is a scarf! We all have our one or two go-to ways to style scarves, but I just wanted to give you four new ways to tie your scarf and spice up your wardrobe!

The Classic image

I’m not sure if this the actual name for this one, but it’s the look you always see, so that’s what I’m going with haha! This look works better with longer scarves, and is sure to keep you both stylish and warm. Simply fold the scarf in half, drape it around your neck, and pull the unfolded end through the folded, loop-like end. Quick Note: The fluffier the scarf, the cuter the look!

The Bowimage

I’ve only ever done this look once or twice, as with the wrong outfit it can look silly, but it does perfectly to amp up a plain sweater or cardigan. To do this look, drape the scarf around your neck, one side longer than the other. Take the longer side, and wrap its end into a loop, pinching the loop in the middle to it looks like a bow! Then, take the smaller end and wrap it around the middle of the bow you made, pulling it through the center.
The Faux Infinityimage
For the longest time I loved the look of an infinity scarf, but didn’t actually have one, so until I could go out and buy some, I came up with a way to maneuver my regular scarves to look like they were infinity! Buy the longest scarf you can find (long enough to wrap loosely around your neck at least twice), wrap it around your neck so that both ends lay in front of you, and loosely bundle the ends into the wrapped part of the scarf in front to your liking, so it appears to be nothing more than a luscious, fluffy, infinity scarf!

The Braided Scarf

This one’s a little more intricate than what I’ve showed you in the other post, but for this chic, yet casual look, a little work is understandable. Take a scarf and drape it around your neck, tying a half knot in front, like you do with two shoe laces. Then, take the right side of the two ends, cross it over the left, pull it under and around the loop created in the scarf by the half knot. Keep repeating this step rotating from right side to left until the ends are too short, and loosen it to your liking.

I hope these ideas help your Fall wardrobe look fresh and new this season! Let me know how these ideas worked out for you, even send me pics if you want! Any suggestions for future blogs? Let me know about that too!

Much love,

Thanks for the Pictures!

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