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Vintage Vibes

You’ll have to do some digging, but Vintage boutiques usually don't disappoint!

Vintage Vibes

I find it funny how every ten to twenty years pass by, and the trends come right back again. Currently we are seeing some of the trends from the 20s: gem stones on top of fringe, and even more gem stones. Or from the 70s, where one could get away with so much gold, silver satin and loose fitting ensembles that you constantly looked like you were going to a disco. Let’s not forget that everything was crocheted and adorned with leather or suede. At least the crazy hairspray trends of the 80’s have passed, but we are perpetually going to be repeating trends!
Old Hollywood and music stars such as Marilyn Monroe or Diana Ross always give off an air of glamour. Other models Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot are always inspiring! These figures are inspiring enough to tempt me towards vintage boutiques. I love vintage stores: Resurrection and New York Vintage in the big apple. In the Philadelphia area, Moon + Arrow and Raxx Vintage are the way to go! You’ll have to do some digging sometimes, but they won’t disappoint.

When I’m traveling someplace foreign, I usually try to find the shops that locals go to; it takes a little bit of searching and asking locals, but it is totally worth finding something unique and genuinely from another era. When purchasing vintage goods from a vendor, I like to make sure the local stores have a certificate or are a more reputable source. Vintage stores are now a dime a dozen, and many boutiques are trying to make their way into the vintage arena. SPOT86’s #Vault86 has a great vintage collection that would excite any 70s/80s curator.

Finding your own gently-used looks from another era is difficult, and unless you have a specific style, taste and budget, one could get caught up in the vintage finds. I always like mixing it up a bit when I wear vintage, and it sometimes allows me to go outside my comfort zone. Take for example my YSL scarf I found at Brooklyn Flea; I’ve worn it as a traditional scarf, but it also inspired me to wear as a top!

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