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What Your New Hair Color Should Be

It seems to me that this time of year is a time everyone is looking to switch things up about their look, and one of the biggest ways we do this is through our hair! Whether it’s chopping it off, growing it out, dyeing it,or highlights, everyone seems to want something new! Personally, I really think I want to dye my hair, and the more people I tell, the more people seem to agree with me! If you’re in the boat of people that want to switch things up, but aren’t sure what color will look best on you, i’m here to help!


Fair Skin: Strawberry Blonde

As someone who is extremely fair-skinned, this is the color I’m looking at for myself. Especially this time of year, the golden undertones in the color will compliment your skin perfectly, and tends to look good with all eye colors. Just be careful not to use anything too red; we don’t want anyone looking like Ronald McDonald.


Tan Skin: Chestnut

In the Spring and Summer, I tell all my golden skinned friends to rock a gorgeous shade of Honey, or maybe an ombre. This season, however, I’m leaning toward a dark, Chestnut color to keep the undertones of your skin glowing while changing from your summer look.


Olive Skin: Deep Auburn
This look is something I’ve always wanted to try, but I just don’t have the color for it, so I’m calling all my olive skinned beauties to work it for me! This color is a dark enough red to be classy and elegant, but still gives a little bit of that fun, edgy effect. I’ve also found any length and style looks good, and it’s easier to manage in terms of keeping the color than a lot of other shades.


Dark Skin: Caramel
For my beauties out there with Darker skin, I’m taking things in a closer direction to fair skin than olive or tan, and suggesting you go lighter this season than darker. The idea from this look was inspired by the Queen herself, Beyonce, who always looks amazing in this color.

I hope this post helped you in your decision making process everyone! But please don’t think I think these looks are the end all be all, because I most definitely don’t. Everyone is beautiful, and everyone is different, so please let me know what looks work out for you in the comments, Twitter, or Instagram! And stay tuned for more blogs!

Much love, @xxlaurenquigleyxx

Thanks For The Pictures!

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