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According to Mo: When Enough is Enough…

I have a simple question. When you think about your life and your current predicament, are you happy? We all know life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. There are times when we are placed in certain situations (both voluntarily and involuntarily) that we would rather not be in. Sometimes we enter situations with little warning that it is a disaster. Other times we see the warning signs clear as day; yet choose to ignore them. Perhaps you’re in a crappy relationship, or maybe you are stuck at a dead-end job you hate. What does it take for you to reach the point of saying, “Enough is Enough.” Whatever the case may be, if it is not adding value or meaning to your life you have every right to walk away and put yourself first.

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A few years ago, I was in a similar situation.  As my undergraduate studies came to an end, I was fixated on getting a job and starting my career. I was determined to land a job at one particular company, and after eight months I got it! I felt I had it all: a stable job that paid great money, I was young, educated, traveling, and living my life! Although the work was not always easy, I feel I managed and held my own quite well. But by the time my 25th birthday came around, I realized I made a horrible mistake. Not only was the work I was doing unfulfilling, I grew to despise the company I worked for. Every day I went into work it felt like pure torture. I was literally at my wit’s end. I realized life was way too short and I was way too young to feel stuck and so unhappy. At that point, my mind was made up. So for the next year I saved every dime I could, quit my job and took a leap of faith. Believe me when I say, it was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life.

I firmly believe that we have control over our own lives and what we entertain. Often times we are in a stressful, unhappy situation because we allow it. But why do we feel the need to stay in situations that clearly bring us stress and grief? I have one answer: FEAR. Fear of the unknown; fear of failure; fear of being alone. Please understand that fear can cripple you if you allow it to. I am not saying being afraid is necessarily a bad thing, but it should not keep you from living a happy life. If fear is the only reason you have not acted on something and cut dead weight out of your life, you are doing yourself a huge injustice. So quit that dead-end job you hate. Leave that toxic relationship. Let go of meaningless friendships. Move out of that town you despise. Life is a journey; it is all about growing and evolving. With growth, some things simply need to be left behind…

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Here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to walk away from any stressful situation:

  1. Have a Plan!

Set achievable goals and create a timeline for yourself. I personally like the idea of “working towards” something. That way when you achieve what you set out to do, it feels that much more fulfilling!

  1. Have Faith!

Trust that everything happens for a reason and when it is supposed to happen. As I said before, do not let fear cripple you! Trust the process and have faith.

  1. Be Realistic!

Understand that no one’s journey in life is identical to yours or perfect. Do not compare your situation to that of others.

  1. Enjoy the Ride!

Taking the first step towards a better you is a big deal. Be proud of yourself for having the courage to do so.  A lot can come with making necessary changes in your life, like growth.

Stay tuned to hear more from Mo!

Monique Elise

Instagram: @Mobunni

Facebook: Monique Elise


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